The hamlet of Hullbeck was started some 10 years ago by Grimson Hullbeck.  Until recently, the hamlet consisted of 7 families, half of which were simple farmers. When the Terror made itself known less than a month ago, many of those families left for the safety of Haverford. Then more attacks came, and the rest of the families left. Now, only Grimson and a few residents remain, but even they are coming to grips with the reality that the Terror may be more than they can withstand any longer.

Provisons are desperately low due to bandit and monster attacks on the routes into Hullbeck, as well as 3 smash-and-grab lootings from small gangs. With the recent stagnant water ruining the last of the farming crops, even food supplies are running out. Grimson and the remaining families are at a difficult choice; to abandon the hamlet for the safety of Haverfords walls, or hope heroes can find the source of the Terror and put an end to it.


  • Grimson opened his homestead after his retirement from a soldiers life. He now tends to the needs of the town as its peacekeeper, along with another veteran from his former command, Bob.
  • Redford and Mariss have tried to keep their inn open as long as possible, but things are looking bleak. Redford has wanted to wait out the Terror, but Mariss thinks it might be time to go back to safety at her fathers farm.
  • Dean was the local provisioner, a mild mannered gnome who still had a few merchant contacts from this time while working trade deals in Berdusk. He rarely ever spoke of his reason for leaving, but once implied to Grimson that he was 'motivated' to leave Berdusk by some unsavory dealers. Dean left Hullbeck during the 2nd week of attacks, which put a very hard stop to provisions and supplies brought into Hullbeck.
  • The last corn and dairy farmers, Tomlin & Greta and daughter Fran, have kept a fully stocked wagon but have not made their intention to leave immediately. Tomlin wants to be prepared to run, but believes a rumor that paladins from Fort Morninglord are aware of the Terror and ride to the Weilkinwood as we speak.


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