Game starting overview


  • If its a crunchy bit (class, background, ect) in a book thats published by WotC officially, I'll likely allow it. Its mainly non-standard races that I need to approve first, but if you think your particular bit is odd, be safe and just check with me.
  • I run heroic games, and specifically prewritten modules due to their well-rounded stories and overall completeness with some action or skill work in the game for every member of a party.
  • A character builder I can link you beta access to is the one being produced by Orc Pub: http://orcpub2.herokuapp.<wbr />com/index.html

    • Keep in mind that its still in beta and shit will change regularly and your character will probably get wiped regularly, but you are free to use this as it is. It defaults as a Barbarian, but just follow the guide and it should walk you through. Include the Sword Coast Adventures Guide in the Optional Sources, it has crunchy bits. Monster race from Volo's has to be approved if you choose from there.

D&D Beyond Official Compendium (

5E Starter Guide, shorter rules read than PHB


More books and a clean directory!


<u>Build your character:</u>

  • Point Buy: Standard 27, no score over 20. A score of 16 is considered the stuff of herculean legends, so enjoy the freedom to be a bit more balanced.
  • Alignment: No evils or Chaotic Neutral
  • Race/Class/Background: Aside from the race rule, if its available in the PHB, SCAG, or another WotC book, you can use it.
  • Feats: I will be using the variant Feat rules. If there is a option that allows you to take a Feat, that option is 99% in play.
  • Trait/Bond/Ideal/Flaw: Yours to pick as you please from any class or background, as long as it makes sense for your character, so that you can role-play those aspects. If you homebrew your own (especially a flaw), let me know because I'd like to review it for how it might impact the game. 

    • You will need to alert me to when you are portraying a characteristic, as 7 very different players with four unique Characteristics will not be memorized. I'll consider the situation and how you used or applied your Characteristic. I enjoy being generous with granting Inspiration, so give me a reason to be.
  • Give me a backstory. I will work in a bit that will tie into the story. The more details and rich background you provide, the more I have to pull from and make you feel a part of the world. If you are familiar with Forgotten Realms, feel free to use all the specific details you want. But you don't have to, there is no requirement to that. Just a good character history as that is as rich as you want to participate.


<u>House Rule</u>

Regarding the role-playing of Characteristics and gaining advantage on rolls; The rules basically state that one (1) Inspiration can be earned and then saved for later use. My house rule change is that Inspiration can be saved for later only when its earned by a Bond or Flaw. Following your characters Trait or Ideal is easy, and those Inspirations will only be usable during the scene/encounter you're currently involved in. And that includes giving your inspiration to another player; Your Trait/Ideal Inspiration is only sharable to and usable by the other player in the scene you earned it, and your Bond/Flaw Inspiration can be shared as normal RAW states.

This change was inspired by an opinion piece on the Characteristics rules that suggested that it is easy to follow your good traits as a player and that following them should not be as great of a reward as following your bad ones.

Game starting overview

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