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  • The last bandits of Hullbeck

    The sleepy hamlet of Hullbeck was disturbed once again by bandits. It was the 3rd day of crop rot from stagnant river water, not a single trade wagon had come through the crossroads in weeks, and what remained of the food stores were critically low.

  • Hullbeck


    The hamlet of Hullbeck was started some 10 years ago by Grimson Hullbeck.  Until recently, the hamlet consisted of 7 families, half of which were simple farmers. When the Terror made itself …

  • Grimson Hullbeck

    Grimson Hullbeck is a veteran solider and city guard who retired to the country side and started his own homestead. He owns the land of the [[Hullbeck | hamlet]] that he named after himself, and leases the properties to families starting their own lives. …

  • Redford and Mariss

    Redford and Mariss own *Redford's Inn*. They came to Hullbeck looking to be the first inn to service the nearby trade route. Both Redford and Mariss grew up some 50 miles from the Weirwood in villages near each other. Redford was the son of a distiller …

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