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  • Haverford has some problems

    A sound night of good rest ended with Gaston practicing his sword techniques before dawn. Within an hour or so, our travelers were fed breakfasts, packed up, and on their way in the final march to Haverford.

    Helping the people of Haverford

    After bringing the ghost illusions to an end, the party brought their magic talking badger to the watches keep to be locked up and dealt with tomorrow.

    Looking to find rest, our heroes found their way to the Sleeping Squire Inn; to both …

  • Haverford

    Haverford used to be little more than a roadhouse situated at the main crossing over the Coldrun River before Alistair Creed and Carraway Blackshield turned it into a destination spot for adventuring in the Welkinwood. In its heyday, Haverford was home …

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