Sheriff Blackshield

Stern but fair middle-aged lawman of Haverford


The keeper of the peace in Haverford is Carraway Blackshield, a 52-year-old human knight with a wild mane of black hair that frames a deeply lined and tanned face. Blackshield’s scowling countenance is punctuated by the patch he wears over his right eye—a visible reminder of his earlier career as an adventurer.

Most days, the sheriff wears a heavy fur-trimmed cloak over quilted armor, donning his old breastplate only when he expects trouble, though his sword is by his side at all times. Blackshield commands the village watch and takes his duties seriously, instilling in the town’s guards a level of discipline seldom seen in provincial defenders.

He is tough and mistrustful of outsiders, particularly adventurers, as a result of having seen so many abandon Haverford as soon as the plunder from the Ruined Keep ran dry, often leaving broken hearts and unpaid debts in their wake. However, the sheriff deals fairly evenly with those he dislikes, and is always willing to give others the chance to prove his poor opinion of them wrong.


Sheriff Blackshield

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