Redford and Mariss

Owners of Redfords Inn in Hullbeck


Quite a matched pair, Redford and Mariss are a younger middle-aged couple.

Redford is lean from his long hours keeping the stables and house in order, wearing common work clothes. His deep hearty friendliness is striking to his stature.

Mariss is a simple beauty who keeps her brunette hair short, and wears plain traditional tavern wear. Her friendly hospitality is like a ray of sunshine, as she gossips about the latest news and rumors.


Redford and Mariss own Redford’s Inn. They came to Hullbeck looking to be the first inn to service the nearby trade route.

Both Redford and Mariss grew up some 50 miles from the Weirwood in villages near each other. Redford was the son of a distiller and took to his fathers trade, while Mariss was a famers daughter. A few months after their marriage, word came through about Grimson looking for folk to join his homestead. That was nearly 10 years ago this spring. Life was pretty good up until a few weeks ago. Travelers have been few and far between, and the Terror may have cusred this land for good.

Their fine building sports a large common room with a hearth and 4 beds lining the perimeter. A large kitchen and distilling room are south, along with master quarters that grace the rear of the property, and a 6 horse stable flanking the north side complete the inn.

Redford and Mariss

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