Milburn Copperbags

Rotund halfling with expensive tastes; travelling salesman and rogue-for-hire.


A halfling stands on a barrel in front of a tavern, surrounded by onlookers. The small man is wearing fine clothing and a top hat, and he carries with him a hooked walking stick with a silver handle. He projects the appearance of a man of great wealth and treasure, but his well-worn brogues and unwashed hair betray him. However, something in his charismatic voice makes you want to keep listening, and you find yourself willing to buy nearly anything he’s selling.

“Milburn Copperbags, at your service! I travel the world collecting, trading, and selling my unique wares! I also provide services of all kinds to those in need. If you need something, anything, I’m your man!”

Displayed on a table in front of him are several unique and attractive items. Rings and jewelry of all kinds, maps, books, linens, and a variety of trinkets. One man approaches to examine a simple puzzle box—a children’s toy worth a few silver at most. He picks it up and something rattles inside.

“You there! I see you’re interested in this one-of-a-kind antique! You have a keen eye. This once belonged to a powerful mage back in the Netherese Empire. Inside is the mage’s greatest work, locked away, but I’ve never been able to open the thing! It requires a man of great will to unlock its mysteries. Can you feel the energy pulsing through it? I couldn’t possibly let it go for less than five gold pieces!”

Milburn and the customer haggle back and forth for a few minutes, exchanging offers. Milburn retells an elaborate story about the box’s origin, and by the end, Milburn has convinced the man to pay half the original offer in exchange for the puzzle box and a hand-drawn map to where Milburn claims to have procured it. The man pays, and Milburn tests one of the coins with his teeth before dropping them into a pouch on his hip.

“Thank you, kind sir, and good luck on your travels!” he calls, just managing to hide a smug grin.

* * *

Milburn Copperbags is a travelling salesman and rogue-for-hire. He “can sell anything to anyone!”, or so he claims. He is a rather short, rather stout halfling from the south with a large appetite for food, drink, and luxury. His age, he maintains, is an ambiguous “19 going on 99.” He prefers to keep most aspects of his personal life private.

Milburn Copperbags

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