Grimson Hullbeck

Homesteader and peacekeeper of Hullbeck


The years on this old soldiers face can be well seen, and his slight hunch tells the tale of hard battles fought and won. He speaks with a rough tone that is absent of anger, a sign that many commands were loudly passed through those lips. His armor is poorly maintained, and now appears more patchwork of what he could manage to still put on himself.


Grimson Hullbeck is a veteran solider and city guard who retired to the country side and started his own homestead. He owns the land of the hamlet that he named after himself, and leases the properties to families starting their own lives.

Grimson is kind but rugged, and his older age is starting to catch up with his body. He just wants to live peacefully with his townsfolk in Hullbeck, but apparently the world just can’t be that gracious anymore.

Grimson Hullbeck

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