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The last bandits of Hullbeck

An unexpected turn of events

The sleepy hamlet of Hullbeck was disturbed once again by bandits. It was the 3rd day of crop rot from stagnant river water, not a single trade wagon had come through the crossroads in weeks, and what remained of the food stores were critically low.

Grimson stepped out to the gang leader and met him with both distain and rationale.
"We've got nothing left at this point. You and all your other 'friends' have picked us clean here, so why don't you just continue on to your next conquest of women and children."

"You're going to give us anything and everything you got left, and then some more if I want it. The Terrors' coming for us all, old man. You're just the fools who want to wait for it to knock politely. Well, thats not how the Checkered Wolves go out, I'll say that, ah hahahaHAHAH!" their leader cackled. Other thugs began smashing the remaining crates outside of Deans provision shop, taking any item that looked of value or use.

This day was different, though. Four new travelers had just come into Hullbeck. T'sifnori, the half-elf monk, stepped out from Tomlin & Gretas farmhouse and approached the leader, offering an exchange of words to quell tempers. Gaston, the human fighter, stood in the stable doorway watching events unfold. He knew Grimson was a tough old dog, but this might be the time when a Cormyr blade was needed. Zavos, the human warlock, curiously flipped through pages of an ancient tome, glancing quickly between the pages and the ensuing bruhaha. Harlan, the elven ranger, knew what was about to take place and calmly paced his movement to a strategic position.

It wasn't until the leader brushed off T'sifnori's words and took a menacing step towards Grimson. The melee was furious. Foot and fist breaking bones, beams of arcane flame leaving ash where a body once stood, sharp steel slicing limbs while shields protect allies, and arrows finding their marks with pinpoint accuracy. The bandits were wholly unprepared for the power of the four strangers, and that fact was obvious as the final two thugs begged for their lives.

Bandit (5), Thug (1) : Deadly – 562.5 / 4 =  141 XP

Grimson and the remaining folk expressed their thanks to our heroes. The (retconed) conclusion of events were as such

  • Grimson wants the dead burned. Rumors from other villages spoke of the dead returning to life, and while Grimson refuses to believe such nonsense, there is no reason to take chances nowadays. He's not exactly sure what to do with the two that remain.
  • Interrogating the last 2 bandits was simple, as they readily gave any information asked of them:

    • All the thugs were experiencing nightmares, but when questioned about what, they couldn't put all the pieces together. Sometimes it was a shadowy figure, sometimes it was a jumble of odd shapes, but the most fearsome was the voice.
    • The bandits themselves were under attack from other creatures in the Welkinwood, and were actually escaping the area also, and as such stealing supplies to travel with.
  • Grimson is a tough old dog and refuses to abandon the town, inspite of his own well-being. Bob is a faithful sidekick.
  • Redford and Mariss voiced their desire to finally leave the hamlet. This attack was the last Mariss could stand, and their reserves are enough to get them to her fathers farm. Redford is very torn on the matter and wants to do what is best for he and his wife, but also does not want to leave Grimson alone with no help.
  • Tomlin & Greta are leaving for Haverford, no matter what anyone else says now. Tomlin implores the heroes to travel with them both as a safeguard to Haverford.
  • Tomlin believes that fate has brought the heroes together to rid the Welkinwood of the Terror, and is very adamant that they help the people of Haverford and the surrounding towns.


Gaston was enjoying his biscuit.

The last bandits of Hullbeck

Pretty sure Zavos was eating all the eggs in the village before fighting.

The last bandits of Hullbeck

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The last bandits of Hullbeck
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