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Helping the people of Haverford

Beating bandits in basements, buddy!

After bringing the ghost illusions to an end, the party brought their magic talking badger to the watches keep to be locked up and dealt with tomorrow.

Looking to find rest, our heroes found their way to the Sleeping Squire Inn; to both acquire logging for the night and locate Flinn Lightfoot and discuss finding his uncle, Holt. After a hearty meal, Flinn explains the issue with his missing uncle: Holt is a grizzled and tough halfling trapper who used to live in the woods near Haverford. But as the Terror attacks became worse, Holt moved in with Flinn at the Sleeping Squire (where Flinn works for room & board). But Holt went missing 4 days ago while out trapping game for dinner, and Flinn can't safely go searching by himself. The sheriff has already said he cannot spare any watchmen to go search, either.
The party agreed to join Flinn in searching for Holt tomorrow during the daylight, and then slept in the most expensive beds they've ever paid for.

The next morning, instead of helping Flinn, the party splits up in their quest to help find a cure for Liza Druthers. While the party found Liza and her children at their hovel, T'sifnori ventured to the Shrine of the Wayfairer. While there, he spoke with Preacher Farnum and heard rumors of a 'witch' in Haverford. Back with Liza and her children, the other party members learned that Liza had recently returned from a risky trip into the Warrens with some other refugees, where she was bit while hunting for treasure. She was struck and recovered from a fever all in 4 days, but on the 5th day, her oldest child, willow, found her catatonic. Aribeth, a local healer, has tried to help but could do nothing.
Some clever investigation of Liza and the story Willow told revealed that Liza was actually cursed by a ring she found in the rats nest, and had put on the morning her fever broke. Aribeth explained that only Preacher Farnum sold remove curse scrolls, and that he did not like Aribeth, or Liza, for that matter. After some divisive negotiating with the zealous preacher, the party used a remove curse scroll and freed Liza from the hold person cursed ring.

100 XP each

Not ones to waste anytime, the heroes again passed up Flinn and went instead to the Bashful Ogre Pub to help Ilse Cormer get rid of her cellar squatters. Milburn noticed a squatter lookout slip into the basement as soon as the party entered the pub, which made plain work of understanding how and where the squatters would disappear to when the watch would show up: the "locked" gnome-sized door in the back of the cellar.

The party tried to wait out the bandit squatters, but too many party members were being less-than stealthy. After an hour, Gaston and Zavos become frustrated with waiting and Milburn suggested he might be able to just pick the lock. The bandits were waiting, so neither group was surprised to see the other as a fierce battle broke out. The party fought their way into the small cave rooms the bandits were living in and made short work of the initial company.
Two bandits were freighted enough to go alert their boss, a stout red bearded dwarf and his mastiff hound. When the heroes began to best the remaining bandits and their leader, the red bearded dwarf and his dog escaped through a back tunnel. It lead to the surface in a peasant hut, and by the time the party made their way out this exit, the red bearded dwarf was gone in the crowded village.

7 bandits, 1 thug, 1 wolf: Hard 812.5 / 5 = 163 XP each

XP Sheet

PS: The "passing-up Flinn" quips were just that, quips. There is no negative context to it.


I still think that woman is a wererat…

Helping the people of Haverford
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