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Fight at the Farmhouse

Why is that hobbit peaking in the windows?

After some harsh convincing by Zavos, the townsfolk remaining in Hullbeck agreed to travel together to Haverford. Grimson did not want to abandon his homestead as so many other towns have done, but the danger of the Terror was too much at this point. Redford and Mariss were also swayed to travel to Haverford instead of her fathers farm some 100 miles away.

As the noon sun became an amber gem in the dusk sky, the caravan of heroes and townfolk happened upon an abandoned farmhouse, likely a profitable pitstop only weeks ago. As they approached, Harlan spotted a figure skulking about on the front porch.
Milburn had become separated from his traveling companion some days ago, and this abandoned farmhouse seemed like a place they would rest at during a long journey. As he peered through the front windows, a loud crash came from an upstairs room! Startled, he pressed his back against the front porch to see the heroes advancing.

The party fanned out across the front yard of the farm house, some with stealth and others… not so much. As the first heroes entered the house, arrows took flight at them. The goblins upstairs had already spotted the heroes advance and began preparing for them.
T'sifnori and Gaston laid a melee assault upon the goblins who ventured to the first floor, then proceeded to split ways with Gaston taking the stairs and Nori climbing the exterior porch. The ranged combatants picked off goblins from a tactical distance, clearing paths for the melee combatants as well as Zavos. His pursuit took him to searching a 2nd-floor closet, whereupon he discovered a feathered spearhead. When he placed the spearhead into the pages of his tome, a battle-ready barbarian manifested!
Ronan didn't know why he suddenly appeared in this house, but his instinct told him what he was there for: battle! As he helped Gaston batter down a barricaded bedroom door, T'sifnori climbed through the smashed window and put an end to the goblins within.

Goblin (4), Hobgoblin (1) : Deadly - 600 / 6 = 100 XP each
RP from everyone; good use of character traits : +75 xp each

With the goblin threat finished, the Hullbeckians (eh?) were signaled to approach, and all agreed that this farmhouse would be sufficient for a nights rest before continuing to Haverford. Some investigation about the property indicated is was a livestock farm abandoned about 2 weeks ago, and the goblins were not the first to ransack the place. But then, what were they looking for?

  • Grimson and Bob are already outfitted for combat and do not want any goblin-quality weapons
  • The only other person feeling confident enough to pick up a sword is Redford, but he would not be a combatant and would stay with the wagon as a last defense.


Peanut gallery must comment on a failed attempt to dive through a window. no names will be mentioned, but they know who they were…

Fight at the Farmhouse
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